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  • Gro-Max


This multi-purpose product is made from horticultural grade ingredients including Maine blond sphagnum peat, earthlife® Premium Compost and earthlife Superhumus. This unique formulation creates a high organic, nutrient-balanced planting medium designed to optimize soil health, root growth and plant response. Gro-Max provides the proper particle size, moisture retention and essential nutrients needed to ensure lush green foliage and bright flowers.


  • Container Growing

    Use Gro-Max for container growing of ornamentals and as an ingredient in custom blended potting mixes.

  • Planting Beds/Gardens

    Add 10%-30% Gro-Max to garden and shrub beds. Till compost into top 6” of soil.

  • Soil Amendment

    Mix 10-30% uniformly by volume.

  • Transplanting Shrubs

    Blend up to 20% uniformly with native soil.