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  • Super-Mulch™


Super-Mulch is a superior mulch for improving any landscape. Manufactured from aged native Maine bark and earthlife™ compost, its dark color and rich texture are ideal for perennials, ornamentals, and around trees and shrubs. Super-Mulch is nutrient stabilized with compost so the bark no longer competes with plants for nutrients. Unlike conventional bark mulches, there is no need to remove Super-Mulch prior to the next application. Simply rake into soil and re-mulch.


  • Landscape Mulch

    Apply an even layer approximately 2-4” deep. When applied at this average thickness, 1 cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 100 square feet. Like any mulch, it should be applied up to, but not touching the stems or stalks of plantings. For additional weed suppression, apply landscape fabric prior to mulching.

Best Practices:

Proper soil and subsoil drainage should be assured prior to determining compost, fertilizer and lime application rates. Compost application rates and soil amendment requirements are influenced by plant selection, soil/media quality, site characteristics, compost attributes and other factors. Have your soil and soil/compost blend tested by a reputable laboratory and review your test results with a trained agricultural/soil professional.